Welcome to the Tiwahe Nation!

Fort White High School offers a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities designed to meet the interests of students.

Participation in a school activity can be a valuable and rewarding experience, adding to a well-rounded education. Not only does one experience a feeling of satisfaction, personal achievement, and camaraderie, but one gains skills in decision-making, goal setting and teamwork.

NOTE: Some of these activities may not be offered every year.  Our offerings vary with student interest, our ability to locate qualified advisers, and activity funding. See your sponsor/advisor or the activities office for more information.


High School Activities Director

DeShay Harris

Clubs and Organizations

Beta Club- S. Fennell

Dance Team- M. London

Drama Club- D. Harris/C. Hunter

FFA- S. Andrews/ S. Bundy

Freshmen Class- A. Moore

HOSA- C. Higginbothom/A. Blanton

Junior Class- M. London

LEAK- T. Johannesen

MS Cheer- P. Albright

National Honor Society- R. Heeke

Senior Class- J. Gherna/M. Mathews

Sophomore Class- T. McWherter

Strategic Gaming Collective- S. Fergus

Student Government- D. Harris

SWAT- T. Ferland

Varsity Cheer- K. Katona

Winter Guard- C. Crews

GoFan-Online Ticketing